Why throw away perfectly good company uniforms when we can turn them into valuable products?

Upcycling takes place in our social enterprise, our own sewing workshop: women give a new (second) life to old fabrics, while taking a qualification at the same time and improving their own future prospects. The women take training, do work experience, and build their network. And together, we open new doors…

A few examples:

  • We make cool bags from old work trousers.
  • We make hats and handbags from old safety jackets.
  • We make boxer shorts from old shirts.

And what makes upcycling unique is that the “emotional” element of the old product is still there – like the logo or tagline, for example.

Not yet convinced? Simply provide us with a discarded company uniform, and we’ll tailor-make a sample so you can see what’s possible.

Please contact Interall Group if you want to upcycle your textile!


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