WoW! These Pencil Cases and Notebooks are made from single use plastic bags from the world’s largest garbage village in Egypt.

Known as Cairo Garbage City and that is home to over 60,000 Zaballeen – garbage-collectors. They are entrepreneurial garbage workers who have achieved the most efficient waste disposal system worldwide, recycling over 80% of their daily collected garbage which accounts to 3000 – 4000 tons daily, while developed cities and multinational waste disposal corporations recycle only 20 – 30 percent of what they collect, leaving the rest to rot in giant landfills.

How does it works? After the raw material (plastic bags) is collected, it undergoes a 3-step sanitization process using specific detergents and a special washing machine adopted by upfuse especially for this purpose.

The materials are then hung to dry in the Egyptian bacteria-killing sun as a further precautionary and environmentally respectful step.

With the help of our keen, artisan ladies at Roh Al Shabab NGO, the raw materials are processed into our upfuse fabric sheets by compression through yet another machinery refined by our brand.

Upfuse (the brand of these products) has upcycled over 250,000 plastic bags since it initiated. The process begins with collecting disposed plastic bags and plastics production waste through sustainable collaborations between the brand and Cairo Garbage City, plastic production factories and plastic bag donations from the wonderful people who believe in a greener earth.

Interall Group is now selling this unique, sustainable products in the promotional branche.

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