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Rice Cup

Wow! There’s a lot of rice in the world. Which means there’s also a huge amount of rice-related waste in the form of leaves, husks and more. These coffee cups are being produced from this waste.

Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bars’ goal is to reduce the use of plastic shampoo bottles. Shampoo Bars are suitable for all hair types. One Shampoo Bar delivers the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo, and lasts an average of 80 washes.

Coco Birdhouse

In Europe we’re used to seeing coconuts with a brown, hairy shell. But these are nothing like fresh coconuts that you can drink the liquid from with a straw. In Sri Lanka, fresh coconuts are green in colour and large in size. After drinking the sweet liquid from inside the coconut, the green shell is left over. And Interall Group uses these to design its very own “Coco Birdhouses”.