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Bottle Up

Drink the water, keep the bottle!
Bottle Up: A reusable Sugar Cane Bottle, filled with English spring water, that is just too precious to leave behind.
Bottle Up encourages you to keep refilling your bottle.

Natural Bottle Slim

This reusable, recycled water bottle is made from bamboo (lid) and sugar cane (bottle). This means your drink has no artificial plastic taste or smell. Both plants absorb CO2 from the air while growing. So, by using this natural bottle, you’re helping to reduce greenhouyse gasses and put an end to single-use plastic bottles.

BE O Bottle

Sugar on your lips. This water bottle is made from residual material of sugarcane instead of crude oil. Earth loves it. The bottle is modular, this way it takes less space and it’s easy to clean. Doesn’t melt in your mouth, neither does it in the dishwasher. 100% recyclable. Your statement.

Coco Birdhouse

In Europe we’re used to seeing coconuts with a brown, hairy shell. But these are nothing like fresh coconuts that you can drink the liquid from with a straw. In Sri Lanka, fresh coconuts are green in colour and large in size. After drinking the sweet liquid from inside the coconut, the green shell is left over. And Interall Group uses these to design its very own “Coco Birdhouses”.

Vibers Flowerpot

You’re holding something very special! Is it plastic? Is it paper? Is it cardboard? No, it’s VibersTM! A brand-new material made from elephant grass grown in Dutch soil. Natural fibre, fully decomposable, super strong and sustainable.