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Coco Birdhouse

In Europe we’re used to seeing coconuts with a brown, hairy shell. But these are nothing like fresh coconuts that you can drink the liquid from with a straw. In Sri Lanka, fresh coconuts are green in colour and large in size. After drinking the sweet liquid from inside the coconut, the green shell is left over. And Interall Group uses these to design its very own “Coco Birdhouses”.

Vibers Flowerpot

You’re holding something very special! Is it plastic? Is it paper? Is it cardboard? No, it’s VibersTM! A brand-new material made from elephant grass grown in Dutch soil. Natural fibre, fully decomposable, super strong and sustainable.

Circular Business Book

WoW! Do you want to know more about the potential of circular economy? And are you, like so many others, eager to learn ohw you can make it work for you and
your organization ? The new book Circular Business offers a practical 10-step approach for professionals in small, medium-sized and large organisations on how to initiate, lead and execute from pilot to circular businesses. Circular Business shows you how to apply all these fruitful insights to your own organisation.

Vibers Notebook

Wow! The cover you’ve chosen is printed using organic ink on cardboard that’s made from agricultural waste. The paper inside
this notebook is made from Vibers, a fibre produced from elephant grass. Elephant grass is a special plant that grows here on Dutch soil, using vacant lots. It absorbs 4 times as much CO2 as a forest of trees, and grows on poor soil without the use of pesticides.

Woodlane Wheels Circular

WoW! The only set of wheels you’re likely to have made from upcycled advertising signs – you can even see part of the adverts printed on the back. These signs have been given a second life as a toy or desktop accessory. The cars are produced in Holland in a wood workshop via a social initiative that offers work and education to participants