Wow! No more empty batteries and no more hassle with lights on your bike. Now you have a bike light that simply keeps working. This waterproof bike light is equipped with an efficient solar panel ensuring the battery always remains charged. Even after six hours of operation, the batteries keep enough voltage to keep you visible. You’ll never be in the dark.

The Solar Bikelight is easy and quick to attach with two strong zip-ties. This attachment has proven to be strong enough to deter bike light thieves. A thief would need a sharp knife to cut through the zip-ties, and then needs to buy their own zip-ties (custom size!) to use the bike light themselves. In short,  you’ll never have to take your lights off your bike again, or worry about your lights turning on in your pocket and losing battery power.

The item has a very strong housing and can withstand a lot of impact. The bike light is also completely waterproof. At the bottom of the bike light there is a push button toggling three different modes: Flashing – On – Off.

The large lens lights up in its entirety, therefore it is not only visible from the front, but also from the side. It is not intended to illuminate the street in front of you, but is bright enough to be visible from 100 meters away. The light is therefore particularly suitable for urban areas where streetlights are present.