WoW! Interall Group is launching an exclusive line of products made from recycled leather! Interall has signed a one-of-a-kind agreement for the promotional sector with Dutch brand iamoo. Many other products made from waste will also soon be launched via the partnership.

The recycled leather is made from reclaimed material that’s gathered as waste during the shoe and bag production process. The leather comes from Italy – land of fashion, and producer of many luxury leather brands. The waste leather is collected, ground up and reconstructed using water and natural binding agents. Instead of being incinerated, the material is given a second life. It feels like rubber to the touch, has a beautiful matte texture, and also smells like leather! The coloured top layer is made from a very thin, water-based PU coating. All produced in the Netherlands.


  • 55% leather waste
  • 35% oils and natural latex
  • 10% water
  • Produced in Southern Europe
  • Awarded the Global Recycled Standard mark of approval
  • Tested on the basis of REACH according to EU guidelines


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