Recycled face mask – Prize Trophy

WoW! Promotional products made from old face masks!

We are proud to announce a new, sustainable line: products made from used face masks. A unique collaboration with De Graaf Groep, a large waste processor in the Netherlands.

Face masks – the blue and white ones in particular – are very difficult to recycle, and are currently always incinerated. But we have found a solution.

The first “face mask drop-off points” are already available at a few supermarkets in the Netherlands, as well as a few nursing homes – in which consumers can throw away their used face masks. De Graaf Groep then collects the masks from these locations.

The face masks are shredded and melted into plates, which we use to create handy, sustainable products like laptop sleeves, phone cases, book covers, bookends, and more.

In the plates, you can occasionally see a “whole” face mask. And that is reflected in the products!



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