Wow! This pen is made from recycled Tetra Pak drinks cartons!

* The paper and cellulose from Tetra Pak drinks cartons are recovered and reused. Only polyethylene and aluminium are left over, which are processed into fine granules and used to create the milk-carton pen. The recycling of drinks cartons takes a few simple steps; the process is based on that used to recycle waste paper. The drinks cartons are put into a large tub or drum that’s filled with water. Within 20 minutes, the soaked fibres come apart from each other, and also come away from the plastic and aluminium layer at the same time.

* Only the ink filling is the “normal” ink filling of a ballpoint.

* Excellent for writing due to the 1 mm “soft-writing”, replaceable ink cartridge.

* Recycling the drinks cartons leads to savings of 75% on fossil fuels, 90% on water, and up to 70% on CO2 emissions (compared to using new raw materials).

* The recycling symbol on the clip shows that your company takes corporate social responsibility seriously.


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