Wow! This bag will dissolve in water! It is made from Polyvinyl alcohol, also known as PVOH, PVA, or PVAL. This is a synthetic polymer that is produced using Calcium Carbide (a non-fossil component) which forms Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and natural gasses. PVA is soluble in water and bio-degrades. In hot water it will even disappear in just seconds!

The composition of Polyvinyl alcohol is CH2-CH-OH and when dissolving it splits into water (H2O) and Carbon (C) . Carbon is not a gas and will therefore not enter the air as a greenhouse gas.

How long it would  take to dissolve in our rivers and oceans? In 1-6 months it will be gone (depening on watertemperature, turbulence, salinity etc.)  Note: It will only dissolve in permanent water, so it is no problem to use during rainy weather.

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