What is a Greenball?

A mini ecosystem, protecting the seeds from birds, ants and slugs and giving them nutrition as they germinate and grow.

Seeds inside: A bee mix which contains Foxglove, Birdsfoot trefoil, red clover, wild marjoram, viper’s bugloss, cornflower, corn marigold, Night-flowering catchfly and chamomile.

Our mission is to help and inspire more people to grow native wildflowers in gardens, balconies and window boxes so that we can help increase our bee, butterfly and other garden wildlife populations. They need our help!

We believe that if we can all better use whatever space we have available to us (whether a back garden, balcony, window box, little patio etc) we can together have a hugely beneficial impact on our local environment. there is an opportunity for significantly more nature within our everyday environment, returning the earth to its natural balance.

Climate change grabs the headlines but our declining ecosystem is an equally important issue the human race is facing. We need bees and butterflies, now more than ever but modern agriculture and infrastructure is killing the biodiversity we’ve relied on for thousands of years. The damage we’re witnessing now is unprecedented and we need to make a change. We know people care deeply about our planet and wanted to create an easy product that can help. Greenballs quite simply increase the likelihood that the seeds will germinate and grow successfully. More flowers means more bees, butterflies and other wildlife which supports our food chain and ecosystem. They’re easy to use and once scattered nature will do the rest.

How it works:

Scatter onto bare soil or compost.

No need to dig! As the wildflower seeds are encased in clay and peat-free compost, they are essentially already “planted”. Simply onto bare soil or compost (avoid scattering on grass) on a garden bed or in a pot, leaving at least 10cm between each ball. The outer clay helps to prevent birds and insects from eating the seeds, keeping the seeds nicely protected and ensuring your bee and butterfly friendly wildflower garden has every chance of growing success.

Packaging: Made from 100% recycled cardboard for promotional giveaways.


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