Textiles made from yarn comprising 30% previously worn clothing, 20% off-cuts, and 50% recycled PET polyester.*

*In Turkey, the yarn is made from 50% used textiles, of which two-thirds are worn clothing and one-third off-cuts; mixed with 50% recycled PET polyester, made from used polyester clothes, plastic bottles, fishing nets and other materials.

Adding recycled polyester makes the material strong enough to re-knit and re-weave fabrics. Adding used textiles makes the fabric wearable and comfortable, so that no new cotton needs to be used. This saves a huge amount of water, and also means that cotton fields can be used to grow other crops in the longer term.

Interall Group makes t-shirts and sweaters from this yarn. The colour that we have in stock is white, but other colours and styles (polo shirts and sweaters, dresses, blouses, aprons, suits, work uniforms, overalls, jackets and thermals) are also available to order on request.

Watch the video on Youtube to see how we make this recycled textile: https://www.youtube.com/circulair textile

What’s more, clients can hand in their old shirts or work uniforms to Interall Group to be recycled into new shirts, blouses, polo-shirts, etc.
-From 1.000 KG we can make new, recycled clothing from your old textile.
-For small quantities: when your order for example 50 shirts from our stock and send us 50 old shirts we can make sure they will be recycled into new clothing and get a second life!  For more infrmation please email info@interallgroup.com.

It’s a win-win: old clothing doesn’t have to be thrown away or burned, but instead can be used as the basis for new clothing – a huge ecological advantage, because it reduces the environmental footprint tremendously.

Note: Every textile product from Interall Group is 100% recycled.

Good to know:
The difference in water and energy usage between one regular polo-shirt and one 100% recycled polo-shirt from the Interall Group is equivalent to taking 72 showers and watching television non-stop for three months.

Our partner, Schijvens (clothing factory), uses several tools to perform due diligence and to verify independent traceability:

Fair Wear Foundation: independent review of social compliance in the sewing workshops. Our workshop has now reached “Leader” status; the company monitors 100% of its factories and has won this year’s Best Practice Award with the implementation of the Living Wage. (fairwear.org)

Higg Index, a Sustainable Apparel Coalition initiative

Bangladesh Agreement

Better Buying


European Clothing Action Plan

Covenant for Sustainable Clothing & Textile Sector

Remo-key, an organisation that calculates the savings achieved through using recycled yarn, and the percentage that has been recycled.

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