Category: Smart & Sustainable gifts

Pineut do it yourself Liqueur

Wow! It’s fun to make your own liqueur. And with Pineut it’s super simple, too. The ingredients in these do-it-yourself drinks are carefully chosen, which makes your part of the job really easy. All you have to do is add the liquor, give the bottle a daily affectionate shake, and wait patiently. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your very own delicious liqueur.

Bio Bidon

The Bio Bidon is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way: no scarce raw materials are used to produce it – only renewable sugar cane. Cultivation of sugar cane absorbs CO2 and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The materials used meet food safety requirements and are fully recyclable.

Walter Bamboo Dock

The Bamboo Dock is an organizer for your everyday carry.  It provides room for your keys, phone, receipts etc.. and of course it has pockets for your Walter Wallets. You can easily hook your charger cable into the dock to keep it in place when not charging your phone.

Rackpack Beer Gear

Rackpack Beer Gear is an FSC wooden gift box for up to 5 bottles of beer which can be folded into a carrier for one meter of beer, or as the Dutch say: a Beermeter. Beer Gear fits 9 bottles or glasses, so invite 8 friends and get the party started!


Everyone wants to get back to nature – but as comfortably as possible. Bag-to-Nature is a simple organic growing system you can use to start cultivating herbs and vegetables right at home. It’s not only healthy but fun! Now you can garden without needing a green thumb and keep your hands clean.