Category: Gifts made from waste


I-did collects pallets full of old company uniforms, in collaboration with KLM Airlines, the army, hospitals and various fashion warehouses. The clothing is then broken down into fibres and turned into sturdy

Bio Glasses

The Fangle reading glasses are a great addition to our WOW! Sustainable Gift line. This range of reading glasses are made from recycled plastic materials, including plastic bottles and / or recycled polyester fabric.

Bio Glasses Cleaning Cloth

The Glasses Cleaning Cloths in the WOW! Sustainable collection are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Globally, we consume a huge amount of plastic, which then piles up as non-degradable waste. Instead, we’re giving all those soda and juice bottles a second life.


WOW! About 10% of all fruit and veggies is wasted because of their looks or because there are simply too many of them. Wasting Super Yummy Food? No Way! Together with the Krommunity we rescue veggies and turn them into pure, tasty soups.

Beat the Bag

Wow! This bag is made from leftover fabric, like old flags or banners. Beat the Bag gives old promotional materials a new lease of life. By using this bag, you’re reducing waste, helping people find work, and never needing to buy a plastic bag in a store again. Let’s Beat the Bag!