Category: Gifts made from waste

Beat the Bag

Wow! This bag is made from leftover fabric, like old flags or banners. Beat the Bag gives old promotional materials a new lease of life. By using this bag, you’re reducing waste, helping people find work, and never needing to buy a plastic bag in a store again. Let’s Beat the Bag!

Soop organic soap made from orange peels and coffee grounds

Wow! In the Netherlands, we produce 120 million kilograms of coffee grounds each year, and millions of kilograms of orange peel – both by-products of our consumption of coffee and orange juice. What’s left over just gets thrown away. ‘SOOP’ is made from leftover orange peel and coffee grounds, but more importantly it puts the natural fragrance, scrubbing qualities, cleansing power, and colour of coffee and citrus to work on your skin.

Flower pot made from coffee waste

Wow! The Netherlands generates 120 million kilograms of waste coffee grounds annually. This flower pot is made from the grounds that are produced when making a single cup of coffee. And it’s customizable with your company logo, making it the perfect pot to inject a little green into your office.

Toost beer

Toost beer is brewed using unsold bread, and is made by Amsterdam brewery Branie Bier. During the brewing process, part of the malt is replaced with this toasted bread. Toost is a classic Pale Ale: hops give the beer a light bitterness and a fruity, citrusy aroma.

Tablet sleeve made from unsold fabric

Wow! This stylish iPad and tablet sleeve is made from felt, while the detailing is made from leather for an extra-chic look. The entire sleeve is made up of leftover fabric that comes from a furniture factory in Ahrend. The fabric is trimmed to size and sewn into beautiful sleeves in a socially responsible warehouse. The sleeve is suitable for the iPad Air 1 & 2 and all 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy models.

Mud Jeans

Wow! MUD Jeans is a Dutch circular denim brand. We encourage brands and companies to take part in the circular movement, but unfortunately dressing their staff in jeans is not always feasible. Now we introduce the next best thing: denim bags and aprons, made from 40% recycled old jeans and 60% organic cotton.