Category: Fairchain gifts

A Beautiful Story – Gemstone Postcard

Wow! This little treasure is a hand-crafted bracelet with a small postcard designed exclusively for you. Now that’s what we mean by handmade. East meets West: our Amsterdam design ideas are combined with traditional crafts from Nepal. It’s a team effort! All our pieces are handmade with love.

Frank about Tea

Wow! We trade directly, which means going straight to the source: bringing you the world’s best teas directly from tea producers. Having fewer steps in the process also means better traceability, which is really important to us.

Ridiculously good chocolate

Wow! It’s our mission to create the most delicious, pure, natural treats to delight your taste buds. We believe that the best flavor comes from Mother Nature, so no chemicals or artificial ingredients are added. Our chocolates are handmade using only the finest raw cacao and filled with more deliciousness inside. 100% organic and free of junk. Because we care about our planet, our producers, and your health.