Button 1.5M / 2M

We’ve come up with a positive way to make people aware of the fact that they need to keep their distance from each other. A sort of reminder every time you see it: a button with a clear symbol of social distancing.

Interall Group has entered into a unique partnership for this particular product with one of our competitors: Buttonboss Group. By joining forces in these difficult times, we can achieve something even better together. Moreover, Ask Guus came up with the product idea!

Two styles are available for immediate delivery:

  1. The BIO Button, made solely from renewable materials, such as wood fibre. It can be easily broken down by micro-organisms, with no toxic by-products, into its base components: carbon dioxide and water. The coating, paper and ink are also dissolvable. This takes between eight and ten weeks in a certified composting facility, and a little longer on a regular compost heap.
  2. The standard Button, made from 100% recyclable metal. This is removed from regular waste using magnets, and can be re-used.

These buttons – named Button 1.5M – feature the artwork shown above. They can only be ordered via Interall Group; both models can also be supplied with a card featuring a message.

They’re ideal for supermarket staff, couriers (DHL, UPS, etc.), shops and any location in which people meet each other and need to keep the necessary distance.


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