WoW! These reusable cups are made from Bamboo. Handmade.  Each cup is unique, none of them is the same as they are made from the actual Bamboo pole. They can be used for tea and coffee, but also are great as snackbowl or even as a toothbrush holder!

Bamboo is a fast growing plant with timber specs. It grows to maturity in 5 years versus 30 – 120 years for timbers. After a bamboo plant is harvested, four to seven new plants will grow from its roots. No replanting necessary, just like that, made possible by nature. Bamboo is known for its hard surface, making it a robust and long lasting material. Despite its hardness it is very suitable to craft.

Bamboo cup  is made off 100% natural bamboo and has no extra ingredients. Bamboo is often used in contact with food and is 100% food safe.

Note: Bamboo is very strong and hard material, but must be washed by hand. Do not put bamboo in the dishwasher.

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