The Interall Group is market leader since 1976 in producing creative and effective promotional products with a European twist. We are a youthful and dynamic team with more than 30 years’ experience in the promotional market.

Interall Group sells in the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italië, Spain, Austria, Switserland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Slovenië, Hungary, Polen, Saudi-Arabia and in the USA.



Our WOW Sustainable collection

Our mission is twofold: to help reduce plastic waste; and to directly contribute to a better life for those less fortunate across the globe.
We’re therefore proud to launch our new label, WOW: the sustainable collection of promotional brands produced in a green, circular and/or 100% FairChain way. It’s new, hip, innovative and… most of all, green! The Interall Group’s WOW label is made up of gifts with a real-life story of change from people who want to make a difference. We offer a collection of gifts that are not only unique and innovative but also sustainable.

A special gift for a special moment. The WOW collection will continuously add new brands telling new stories, with the ultimate aim of shifting the promotional market as a whole towards more sustainably produced gifts.




See hereunder a list per country of our preffered distributors where you can buy our products: